Eric Howell Grain - Price Sheet

  1977 Wilkins Road
Benton, KY (Brewers)
Phone: 270.527.5283
Harvest Hours
Mon. - Sat. 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
Sun. 1 pm - 5 pm

Current Prices


Pricing FromToFarmer's PriceBasisFutures Month
05-21-201805-22-2018$10.00-0.25Jul 2018

White Corn

Pricing FromToFarmer's PriceBasisFutures Month
05-21-201805-22-2018$3.83-0.20Jul 2018

Yellow Corn

Pricing FromToFarmer's PriceBasisFutures Month
05-21-201805-22-2018$3.88-0.15Jul 2018


Pricing FromToFarmer's PriceBasisFutures Month
06-01-201807-31-2018$5.07-0.00Jul 2018

basis subject to change at any time without notice prices fluctuate during CBOT trading hours stored grain must be priced during eCBOT Hours

HTA Forward Contracts
[ Basis set in contract prior to delivery. Call us to set your basis. ]

Flat Price Forward Contracts [ Basis already set ]

CropRange StartEndFarmer's PriceBasisFutures MonthLast Update
Yellow Corn05-21-201805-22-2018$3.88-0.15Jul 201805-21-2018
Yellow Corn08-01-201812-31-2018$4.01-0.20Dec 201805-21-2018
Soybeans05-21-201805-22-2018$10.00-0.25Jul 201805-21-2018
Soybeans08-01-201812-31-2018$10.09-0.25Nov 201805-21-2018
White Corn05-21-201805-22-2018$3.83-0.20May 201805-21-2018
White Corn08-01-201812-31-2018$4.01-0.20Dec 201805-21-2018
Wheat06-01-201807-31-2018$5.07-0.00Jul 201805-21-2018